The best automotive self-inspection platform or API to do car inspection with artificial intelligence

Complimenting Human Intelligence workflow by detecting anomalies with more than 95% accuracy. With few clicks, it will change the way you do inspection. It allows anyone with smartphone to complete a guided vehicle inspection in less than 5 minutes.

Either you a car company insurance or a platform for vehicle rental or a car trader. will be able to assist you in car inspection processes. Turn any smart phone into a professional inspector by taking 360 videos or multiple photos. Our AI engine detect damages on items which eliminating the need for physical inspections.


Detect 19 types of damages across 81 metal, plastic, fiber, glass and rubber car parts

In addition to this, we cover undercarriage, internal and interior damages on a car.


1. Take 360 video or multiple pictures of the vehicle


2. Upload video or pictures to our AI-powered server


3. Inspection report or API report via JSON in few minutes

The do's and don'ts for inspection...



Upload images (max. 40) or video (<100mb)
Capture / record 2-3 feet away from vehicle
Only jpeg, jpg, jfif, png, mp4, mov files



Uploading both image & video
Duplicate or repeating images
Non-english characters in the images

Just a simple pricing, $5 per report

Minimum topup $100. No setup fee.

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